Mission Possible

Where is Love ?

As we look around us, we don’t just assume that true love is missing like a needle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We can indeed still try to enjoy the sound and taste of respect, love is not dead by no means, but love is still alive and growing like grass in the summer.

Love is in us and all around us, this true love must be identified through our kindness and respect for each other. Indeed when going into a store and no one holds the door for you, yes, that can seem very unloving. Indeed when you are in a struggling situation, whether financial or emotional, people can be cruel in our time of need. Sometimes we feel like God has left us and our sunny days just forgot our name, but know that the struggle is over.

Love is selfless and caring, and when someone is in need and you happen to help that person, do it without grudging and without attachments like “if I do for you, you must owe me.” What happen to true gifts, Jesus Christ himself gave his life so we can have perfect peace and unconditional love  (John 3:16). Now that ‘s a true gift, because Jesus paid the price for you and me, and it didn’t cost us a thing, and all God ask for us is to love one  another and help those in need.

I can say that ever since me and my wife became strong givers without  negative attachments, and love for our communities, God has blessed us dearly, which later we will blog about. You ask where is love, I say love is deep in us like D.N.A. (Divine, Natural, Action) which is love. If we support one another, our community will grow emotionally, spiritually, financially, and economically with God’s love.


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