‘Earthen Vessels’: Book Review

Earthen Vessels by Matthew Lee Anderson
Bethany House Publishers

Matthew Lee Anderson’s Earthen Vessels comes off as judgmental to Christians and Nonchristians, however the topics are timely.

Earthen Vessels is one of those books where the author uses scripture, ‘old school’ theology, and many writings from philosophers in order to make the illustrious point that what we do and how we things actually does matter to our faith. Matthew Lee Anderson speaks to the reader with brutal honesty when he says “I’m a white college educated evangelical from middle income”(16). This was to highlight that he will not be touching on issues of race at all (so I did not expect ideas on how Blacks worship although that would have been nice) and I also expected there to be some apparent American, western traditional beliefs sprinkled in the work.

A Purely Evangelical Background

What Matthew means by earthen vessels are our bodies in relationship to how we worship, what we listen to, and how we define beauty among other things. A little background on Matthew shows that he comes from a purely evangelical background, graduated from Biola University and spent a year at Oxford. Matthew shows off his research and arguing prowess within several disciplines within the book. However the book only gets interesting once he starts on tattoos. From there he hits on several topics which Christians should pay attention to and question namely: Tattoos, our physical bodies, and online church.(Read more of this article at Suite101)

*Note: this book is a great read if you have questions and thoughts about how your body could affect your worship, you will even learn about God cares about our bodies, and also the benefits and drawbacks of Yoga and Meditation.

This book was provided by Bethany House for an unbiased review.


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