A Little Lesson From Dragon Ball Z: Are You a Vegeta?

Vegeta Zarbon Clip
Image from nicktoons.nick.com

Before beginning this post, I must warn you that my husband and I are avid watchers of animations and in particular Dragon Ball Z. Now, some may scoff that cartoons are silly, a sin, crazy, whatever, but one thing he and I have learned over the years is that messages we learn about things, people, and nature can be found in literature, music, art, and yes even animation characters. God may(or may not) admire the mediums of today, but we’re positive He adores Truth.

I will not discuss the animation in detail but will say it is about Earthlings defending their home from evil invaders and during times of great upheaval and wars, who will stand and fight? Who will become distracted?

Vegeta is the prince of a fallen Saiyan race. The Saiyans are human, ape-like beings and Vegeta ran with a very malicious group battling to take over the universe but somewhere along the line after many episodes, Vegeta’s heart changes(or appears to change). His personality is one we are all familiar with. Selfish, Napoleon complex, competitive, turn-coat, stubborn. Met anyone like that?

Not only that, because Vegeta is so full of himself and has his own plans for world domination, he unwittingly hands over the world on a silver platter to a very dangerous foe. Here is where things get dangerous. Vegeta may have switched sides, but where is the heart change? Why would someone compromise the mission like that?

As believers in Christ, church leaders, community workers, and teachers, we must remain focused on the mission. The mission is not about us, if it were, God would have created only one person. Yet He created Adam and Eve and wanted a community built from their seed. It is tempting to shift from one place of ignorance and then find ourselves focused on “man’s” logic which states:  “ I work hard for this. I am the best! I cannot help you, help yourself!” The saddest part is that some churches have adopted this attitude as well.

I am sorry folks, but having a self concept, self-esteem and self love is very appropriate and yet has its place in the greater scheme of things. How many of us have heard about people leaving a church because the “saints” and leaders were money hungry, snobby, or self righteous? How many people were left emotionally scarred from this?

The bottom line: Don’t be a Vegeta. Do you know who Vegeta serves? Himself. And do you know what self embodies? The enemy.  In serving himself and the enemy he signed Earth’s death warrant and his.

Don’t compromise the mission because of your own selfishness. Humans are social people, humans create communities not just to sit down and mumble to ourselves but to fellowship, to lend a hand, to not judge. This is how we won’t hand our hearts and souls over to the enemy on a silver platter.

Remember Jesus said “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27). Don’t be  afraid to step out on faith and fight the good fight.

Erica from Mission Possible

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