Ants, ATMS Robbing People, and Other Unfair Treatment in Low/Poor Income Areas

An Ant Community
© Irochka |

Regional locale should  not equal discrimination among the districts.

Pretty soon, I will have all the references needed for this post…for now there is something which Mission Possible will be addressing: Community stores, shops, and services. We, the community like that of ants, should be working together to make sure we all have equal bites…

Recently, my husband and I purchased sodas from a local convenient store and we both brought it home anticipating the sweet fizz of it. What happened was ghastly- there was no fizz!

On top of that, no expiration dates.

On top of that matter, my strawberry gummies tasted like ancient dust and the package even had dust on it!

On top of that, at another nearby store- an ATM machine didn’t ask me to choose which amount I wanted to take out…it went straight to transaction and nearly emptied my account! The cashier just looked at me sadly and said, “Sorry” that is pretty much all they’re trained to do.

What is going on here?

I noticed that even when it seems cloudy beneath the canopy of my neighborhood, once I travel from miles out to historic Williamsburg or the quiet town of Yorktown it is literally brighter, the places are cleaner and you get better food service. This is not an exaggeration. If it is rainy and cloudy on my side of town more and then when I leave it is sunny…what does that mean?

It may mean storm clouds move and I get that, but the metaphorical sunshine I feel in my soul when I see people getting treated better in other districts is totally eclipsed by what I know: There is discrimination.

No way should there be high priced convenient stores selling flat sodas and dusty gummies. There should be no way ATMS rob people.

Without too much rant, there is a call to action for the community. Here are my suggestions to the community(I will take these to heed as well):

  • If you can, please return items that are broken, tasteless, and defunct or otherwise…demand a refund.
  • If refunds are not permitted(as some may say), you must take it higher or don’t visit that store ever again. This is what I and my husband are now doing. We can no longer patronize the shops that either give terrible customer service or don’t care about product upkeep.
  • Travel to other decent places you know. I know it can be inconvenient at times, but the cost is higher if you frequent a shop that’s unclean and with bad customer service.
  • If you are the person who works inside these places you can help by leaving your attitude at the door and resolving to give great customer service- if your shop and services are being downgraded by customers- find out why. The best way to improve on company performance is to hear from those who actually use your services/products. It can only benefit you.

Let’s respect each other no matter if it is a low income locale, high income- we are all human.


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