Tis the Season To Be Blogging, Sharing Photos, Manifesting Love


We are online, but we have time to get together and share our most colorful, flavorful photos. Here’s a snippet of an article complete with pictures of yummy recipes, a how to video and much more!

Tis the season to be…blogging!

Yes, there are websites everywhere now springing up with tips, tricks, and innovative ideas to help you get that Turkey Day all in order. What are some blogs hoping to treat you to this season?

With the City of Norfolk Tweeting Not to Clog Your Drains this Thanksgiving, some bloggers are trying to purposely clog the blogosphere with photos of their Pre- Thanksgiving gathering and blogging tips.

The Los Angeles Times reported that several food bloggers have gathered around a large table to set up for lovely snapshots of their dishes, their camaraderie and passion for food and blogging. Some yummy recipes swapped included garlic and herb potato gratin, caramelized chestnuts and Brussels sprouts, ginger-cranberry sauce, and delicate crab. All of this was to provide the perfect photos to bring traffic to all of their blogs, but the larger “picture” was to give thanks and celebrate with others who do what they do-which is blog. (Continue reading on Examiner.com)


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