103 year old woman was about to be evicted, but…

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Heard about the woman that was going to be evicted but deputies refused?

If not, you can view the video and the news article at U.S. News at Msnbc. Briefly it will tell you that the woman is 103 years old and her daughter 83 and from the video the woman looks very old and probably unable to do too much for herself. The deputies could not evict her from her home which she resided in for over 50 years.

Okay, so here are some comments(paraphrased) which were made on the site from many people all over the nation.

  • “I’m all warm inside because of this news. This is great!”
  • “Police aren’t that bad after all-hooray!”
  • “What a nice story”

And then there were comments from the dark side, such as:

  • “So, I guess when I’m old and quit paying up, they’ll let me stay in my home?”
  • “Disobeying laws=anarchy”
  • “Other, younger people couldn’t get away with that…”

And so on.

I am not a banker or home owner so the way I see this story and comments will be lacking the analytical depth others may be looking for. I am only concerned with morals, ethics, and the spiritual factor in all this.

First, I commend the person/people who wrote this article because it is a serious reflection of what we all need to do…help thy neighbor. Secondly, I commend the deputies who probably thought of their own mothers and grandmothers and felt that their conscious was way more important than some bank or other entity getting money. Third, I congratulate the 103 year old woman for still going strong and making the comment that when she’s “dead and gone they can do whatever they want to the house”.

Now, let’s think realistically here: Never have anyone showed such great kindness as letting someone live in their home and not on the cold streets. Deputies are called to follow the law to the “T” and thats understandable. Yet I think about what a commenter said: “It will breed anarchy”


So far, we have anarchy everywhere because people do not care. There are homeless folks drinking alcohol or robbing people for money, single parent homes struggling to keep up the bills while fighting to keep their kids in order, or good hard working citizens losing their jobs and ridiculed with the words “lazy” and “bum” thrown at their heads.

To me- that isn’t right either. But it is reality.

To hear of someone having a heart, is not anarchy.

It is hope.

Feel the same way? Differently? We’d love to hear from you!

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