‘Night of the Living Dead Christian’-book giveaway and some other thoughts

Tyndale Publishers

Head over to our sister site for more on how you can win a gift certificate to redeem a brand new book by Matt Mikalatos. Here is a brief post from the blog to get you hungry for more…

*My very personal thoughts about Night of the Living Dead is that this book was devourable(is that a word?). Anyway, another fun thing I did with reading this book, was reflect on what kind of monster am I? Mikalatos was gracious enough to include a monster glossary to glean over. before reading more below, check out my review on examiner.com then come back for more.

Now, for the  monster list:


Invisible People

Mad Scientist


Robots(Androids, Cyborgs)



Deadline to post comments on The Write Web ends December 20th, 2011. The winner will be announced sometime on that day! Good luck!

Other thoughts…

This is the season not to be a monster. So if you know someone who is need but you are afraid to get too involved- pray about it and the Holy Spirit will lead you in the direction you should go. However, don’t dawdle. Jesus Christ left us the Holy Spirit and God has blessed us with common sense and the capacity to help. There’s nothing wrong with lending a hand any season.

God Bless!


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