2012 means resolving to change the game…

Resolve to get out the old stains in life

2012 snuck up on us and practically forced us to rethink, renew, revamp our old unproductive ideals. But shouldn’t our goals be set every day to being better, stronger, and happier? Why wait 365 days to renew our spirits, revamp our old knowledge, and clear out cluttering activities?

Here are some Mission Possible Tips to remain a Renewable, Positive Force this day and everyday for the rest of the year(s).

  • Resolve to be well rested. This means if you want to greet the the sun, you have to get plenty of rest(I should be preaching to myself right now on that one). there is no way you can be productive going to bed late. Our bodies need rest to recharge.
  • Resolve to eat healthy. It’s a shame that at the local Food Lion in Newport News, Va-a low income area spot, there is a whole “squared” off section dedicated to sodas and fruit punches and a small selection of water. We don’t need sodas which are full of carbonation and sugar and adds unhealthy weight. Resolve to drinking healthy fruit juices like V-8 Fusion and drink plenty of water.  Eating foods based off the classic food pyramid couldn’t hurt either. That means too much of anything isn’t good…visit http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/Fpyr/pmap.htm for the food guide.
  • Resolve to communicate well. Plenty of us need help in this area. Basically this means to do more listening than talking this year. Want to know why you are always so misinformed and “out of touch”? You need to clear the wax out and hear where others are coming from before you vent.
  • Resolve to try new things. If you are trying the same old methods of getting a job, or in maintaining your relationship- have you considered changing what you do to make it better, worthwhile? The only thing that is constant is change, so if you want new results with your job/or job hunt, relationships, or spirituality you should try a different tune in your life.
  • Resolve to get educated. Read books, read lots of books. If you have a smartphone, iphone or whatever they’re called these days or even an electronic tablet, you can download free books all day long. Also, applying to higher education or going back to school can only help your progress in life. For scholarship information see www.fastweb.com.
  • Resolve to reading scripture/inspirational devotionals daily. Meditation on God’s Word is the most spiritually cleansing and renewal regime you can add to your daily routine If you have another faith, what inspires you? Devotional time takes up no time at all, just simply reading one chapter a day in Proverbs keeps my mind and spirit healthy. Why just be physically healthy when your soul walks with you as well?
  • Finally, resolve to love one another…need I say more?

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Peace and Be a Blessing This Day 🙂


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