Employment in 2012, may be great for women and African Americans

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Hope for finding employment will not lie in the big time business sector or even retail…although those are great starting places. The major hiring done in the job market will be the small business sector.

According to MSN Careers , there will be an “uptick” in hiring done by small businesses:

“Small businesses provide about half of the private-sector jobs in the U.S. and have accounted for about 65 percent of the total job creation in the past two decades, so much of the hope for the job market rests in the hands of these companies.”

Coupled with that small piece of hope, businesses with 50 or fewer plan to hire a full time staff. So what else. Additionally, Careerbuilder.com compiled a list of new employment trends to ensue this year. some of this information can simply be used as fodder for hope in reaching your employment goals while at the same time keeping reality in mind that you and thousands of others are looking for that same job paying money and hopefully with benefits.

Don’t feel sour yet because you could actually change the landscape of new employment trends. Yes- you! According to the same article, 20% of companies are looking forward to hiring African Americans and women. I know , I know- its 2012 and about time, right?

*Of course these statistics may be even better in some areas than others and could depend on skill and education which goes for every one of us.

So get on the job market, get that education and put God first before everything!


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