7 Annoying things employers say while we look for jobs

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While filling out those applications online and in person, the last thing anyone wants to hear are silly words from managers which does not help the job searcher. Below are 7 silly things jobs have told me in the past and they each left me in a  more sour mood.

  1. “Your skills don’t match what we have right now”

  2. “If offered this job will you do it and like it?”

  3. “We don’t have anything that matches your skills”

  4. “Uhhhh, you can call us back in about a month?”

  5. “What? Sorry can’t hear you call back in two hours….call later….call tomorrow?”

  6. “We went with someone older”

  7. Sent Tutor.com a help ticket…then another…then another…heard nothing in over ten months.

*Even through all of this, I understand that some companies are having a bad time, however when you’re the one going through and have bills needing to be paid they must also know it isn’t time to be lackadaisical or prejudice- step up the game.


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