Even after the pain and the prayer, do we receive the miracle?

We’re all looking for a miracle. Even those of us who don’t believe in it are desperately wanting one right now. I’ve been thinking about this subject matter for some time and even after bible studies, prayer and pondering on books about miracles, I still find myself backed against the wall of doubt. That wall may prevent me from having or delivering a miracle someday…think about that one.

In the meantime, head over to The Write Web’s Miracle School blog post to learn more about what Jim Garlow has to say about this topic and the many testimonies which poured in to help him write this book. My prayer goes out to him and his family as they struggle with their own bout defining miracles.

Here’s a snippet of the book review:

“This is the season of believing again. The miracles once performed by Jesus thousands of years ago can be done and has been done by others, but we clearly do not see it everyday. In their new book *Miracles Are For Real, Jim Garlow and Keith Wall not only explore what miracles truly are, they give multiple accounts of people who have experienced extraordinary out of this world miracles. The book also spends time relating to those of us who may be skeptical or a bit too logical.

Jim Garlow begins the book assuring us that he is not just someone talking about miracles—he is waiting for one himself and just reading that page alone is encouragement for the rest of us who are waiting on a miracle to happen as well. Yet the book does focus on those who have miracles on their side like a handy shield. So the first question is: What is a miracle exactly?

Miracles are those instances where God intervenes to heal and help outside the realm of science or logic.

That’s my own definition based off the stories told in this book.”

My hope is that we all someday have that miracle big or small.


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