Princess Uey says, “There is no love without sacrifice”

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

There is no love without sacrifice” says Princess Uey from The Last Airbender movie. Uey’s life was anointed from birth by the moon spirit and as such when it came time to give that life back, Uey had to die— at all costs. To save her friends. To save the world.

Loving someone does not always include death as the ultimate choice. Sometimes living for someone can be difficult and requires a multitude of sacrifices as well. Jesus loved us. He showed us in his life and in his death. John 15: 13 says, “Greater love has no one but this, that he lay down his life for his friends”. If you read the entire John 15, Jesus speaks of how he’s the vine and we are the branches and only in Him can we bear fruit and if we remain in His word we will bear much fruit.

Isn’t that such awesome words for victory?

Now back to sacrifice. First of all what is a sacrifice?

Sacrifice actually means a few things (according to my e-tablet’s dictionary):

1. to dispose of(goods, property)

2. to surrender, or give up

3. to make an offering of

However, the NIV bible dictionary states sacrifice as “an offering given to God for the sins of the people.”(n.)

Our relationships with friends, family, and our significant others are colored by sacrifices big and small. Saying “I love you” paves the way.

Doing “I love you” goes a long way.

Here are some common things we should sacrifice for others:

  • Time
  • Our heart
  • Our encouragement
  • Food
  • Money
  • Energy

We should sacrifice our time, for we can’t touch it

But can lose it for ourselves anyway.

We should sacrifice our hearts so those who know us

Will remember the beat of who we are.

We should sacrifice esteeming words just to see

Bridges built upon the  souls.

We should sacrifice food so those

Whose stomachs rumble can have health to their bodies.

We should sacrifice money

For that is mint which can be burned.


We should sacrifice energy because it is

That which can’t be earned

But ordered through the breath of Life

By grace.

Copyright© 2012 by E.J. Smith



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