Love and pray without ceasing: Remembering Trayvon…

Image courtesy of Stunning Mesh

We here at Mission Possible are deeply mystified, stupefied, and horrified at the killing of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin. Where does the hate end?

I want all of you to understand something. Hate is a deeply personal thing. It is never about the victim, but the victim as an object. Zimmerman could have been anyone with a messed up mind, with a psychosis of evil who decided to use a gun to solve his own various problems. The gun  shooting was the symptom.

The cause?

Darkness in his soul.

Racial profiling is a real and perpetual instance. Racial profiling means simply lumping everyone together who appears the same to pin the “crime”  on. That simple. What’s so damning in America is that when there is violence or some kind of act of terror on our soil. We don’t ferret out the truth in the right way, which is God’s way.

We racially profile others and in effect, we miss the point. Instead of killing hate, people have decided to nurture it, turning them into mindless zombies like those on Walking dead. We just annihilate each other and we have the audacity to call ourselves higher order thinking mammals?

What Zimmerman did to Trayvon was not higher order thinking.

It was irrational thought, irrational fear. It was not instinct. But fear.

I read on Google+ where someone said their coworker ignorantly stated, “[Trayvon] should not have run. That’s why he was shot.”


Is the solution to this insane, demonic madness is to not run?

To my spiritual, Christian brothers and sisters: Continue to see with your spiritual eyes on this walk. See what is beyond the color of the skin. It is the enemy bringing back his old tricks which never truly died.

Pray without ceasing.

In fact.

Love without ceasing.

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