Are you a christian teen going to college soon? Tips to hold on to your faith

Jeff Zandstra’s The Genesis Code

While listening to a radio program online, I began to feel bad for today’s believers in Christ. Where one group shouts intolerance the other group has to take abuse of intolerance from the so called “tolerant”- let me explain.

Jeff Zandstra has  a new encouraging film out called The Genesis Code about college students facing their faith and scientific studies. Apparently whenmany Christian teens enter college, their faith drops out quickly. Zandstra feels strongly about the influence of professors and administrators on young minds and believes we all should be prepared to give an answer for our faith-1Peter 3:15.

To hear more about the film, Zandstra and authors who think outside the paradigms as reflected in their books head over to this examiner page.

In the meantime, me personally, I enjoy science and I enjoy learning about religion and see nothing wrong with either. It is when we allow our emotions and opinions to color what we prefer to study and like. Just get the wisdom, get the knowledge, Proverbs in the bible promotes this- but don’t forget that God provides knowledge and wisdom. Astronomy, chemistry, physics, and biology has not disproven God but seems to have formed a picture in which we see his hands moving in artistic fashion. God enjoys smart thinkers.

What are some ways to prepare your teen for the upcoming college school year?

As Zandstra suggests, begin preparing your child to defend their faith and also know that this is sometimes the price we pay(in this life) for our belief in the Lord.

I would also suggest ordering Kirk and Ray’s ‘The Way of the Master’ which features answers to really hard questions posed by unbelievers. The show is a real hit and the answers are always on the mark!

What are some things teens can do to hold fast to their faith?

First of all, I know personally how hard it is sometimes when you encounter people who have tough questions concerning the bible and why you believe in what you do. Trust me. We have all dealt with smart alecs, geniuses, clever wordsmiths and more when it comes to talks about creation and the Lord God.

Second, spend more time with the Lord. The Holy Spirit within you will guide you in your exploration of the word 1 Corinthians 2:11 says “no one knows the mind of God but the Spirit of God”- you have the Spirit inside you and if it is for you to know, God will provide that.

Third, as suggested above stay in the Word. Constantly. It is our bread of life. Our food. Meditate on it. Get books and supplementary study helps if you need to. Order The Way of the Master videos to help equip you with reasons why you believe in what you believe and not just the what.

And remember, it is not  about how hard we study or what school we go to. The Word of God is free and so is his love- this is what we should demonstrate more than anything.


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