‘Eat Pray Love’ in our darkest hour, movies to learn from in this age

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Critics can say what they want about this movie, but all I needed to hear were my three favorite words to watch this movie: Eat. Pray. Love. Also, The Darkest Hour didn’t disappoint either because it taught me something.

Sure the Eat Pray Love is about a woman who I think was selfish for leaving her marriage and a trail of broken hearts just to “find herself” over some unresolved teen issues, but I pressed on to look for gems of truth while being entertained by Italian foods and language, culture and the dreaded muffin top ladies simply abhor.

Also while watching The Darkest Hour, I learned that it was more than just about pinpoints and spheres of light that can turn our bodies to ashes in seconds- it was about something so much more.  Let’s explore the truths in these two movies:

First, in Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts travels to India and there she meets Richard from Texas who calls her “Groceries” because she loves to eat. Julia, playing as “Liz” is frustrated she can not focus on her meditation- she complains that she is trying  like the others and I am quite sure we can all relate. Then Richard tells her, “Stop trying. Just surrender! Go to the garden!”

My husband and I looked at each other and it dawned on us- how many times as new believers and old, do we feel the strain of ‘doing whats right’, or the strain of how to pray and then finally we give up and live boring Christian lives only to go to church on Sundays and pay tithes as our only good form of worship? The way to be completely fulfilled, the way to complete peace is complete surrender. We have to meet God in the garden of our hearts. A good start is recalling Psalm 4:1 “Answer me when I call you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer”

So the lesson I got from that piece of the movie was to just open our hearts to change and rebirth. Once we connect with God, we’ll see through His eyes. Liz, whether she realizes it or not, had a strong calling to leave her comfort zone and complete “mini-missions” similar to what Jesus did. Sometimes a relationship is not in the stars for everyone, except one with God. But thats for another post.

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Now in The Darkest Hour, I was reminded of how frail and easy to “snuff” out we are. I mean, people were getting instantly cremated in this film and it did hold me in suspense.

However, this particular movie had a word of encouragement for believers. As the remaining survivors board a submarine to leave, one them ask the brawn, mighty men who helped them to join them in going back to America from Moscow(where the terror began for them) and do you know what the man said?

“This is our home. Go. Tell others what we taught you. Teach them.”

It doesn’t get any plainer than that.

Again, this piece will be saved for another, longer post but just so you know, if you are a leader(pastor, minister, reverend, teacher, choir director, etc.) then you are considered a Shepherd. And if you are considered a Shepherd, then you have a flock.

You are to guide the flock.

The flock is not just there to help you pay for the building and your car. They are in your life, placed there by God. They belong to God, not you, so you are to disciple them as Jesus commands us in the New Testament. Guide them. Love them. They may not be with you long but you have to have faith that what you have trained them in will guide them.

In The Darkest Hour, a group of friends team together with experienced people who know how to handle otherworldly foe, but the lesson wasn’t for them alone…

Did you find gems of truth in these movies as well? We’d love to hear it!


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