Are you a christian or a believer? Is there a difference?


We all call ourselves Christians and for a time it meant something- well- good in Westernized culture. But what does it mean to us now? If someone were to call themselves a Christian today, what would you think? What would be the first words to bloom in your mind?

I can think of a few choice words Christians have been called and let’s just say they don’t make anyone smile.

So, what happened?

Better yet, how do you define yourself as a believer? Yes, I said believer. I found an enlightening blog post today and the declaration was “Why I am a Christian” Read it. And if you are an unbeliever, read it well and answer the poster’s question honestly at the end of the blog post.

Do I define myself as Christian, a Believer, or neither/both? If you are considering yourself as a Christian, then fine. This means you believe in Christ’s theology, you believe in Him and on Him and rely on Him daily. You will make mistakes but you rely on Him to repent to and intercede on your behalf to God.

If you are a believer. Same thing. You follow Christ.

If you are both, well, the argument pretty much fizzles out because aren’t they essentially the same thing?

Well, yes and no.

In my experience there have always been two groups: The Christians and The Believers. I suppose it is the connotation of the terms and not the denotation themselves that makes the difference. When I talk with Christians, I get this slimy feeling of political-hypocritical-self righteousness aura just waiting to grab me with all of its political talons and false well meaningness.

When I converse with Believers, I feel whole. These are people who have said, “Hey, I believe and I try my best to follow the Lord and  spread the Gospel with my God given talents, spread love, and hope in Christ.” Believers you won’t normally find in traditional church functions all the time. Many of them actually live normal lives going to picnics, movies, school, they teach, have careers but God is always foremost in their minds and not just theology, but Christology. They do not knock traditional church attendance but find that they have skills and talents to help others and that is of utmost importance.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it does not matter what we call ourselves, Jesus points the way and we hope everyday we are still following in His steps…


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