Gabby and the Olympics: Not pressing the issue about hair

Gabrielle Christian Victoria Douglas | taken from

I tried really hard not to read and watch comments about young Gabby Douglas’s hair, yet it seems this is an issue(does not need to be) to be discussed among African Americans. Why we are overly concerned and critical of each other’s tastes in hairstyles and why does this affect Black women the most?

First of all, Congrats to Gabby on being America’s Sweetheart! That’s a high calling and and honor and I do hope you continue on to a bright and lovely future. She is our hometown hero for Virginians. Read more about her rise to the top on Rich Villians: “Gabby Douglas Olympic Gold Medalist”

The Olympics is a very arduous but challenging and exciting time for everyone involved and it is a shame that it has been reduced to commentary on hair texture and cultures. It is 2012 and as the saying goes: “God does not like ugly”- ugly behavior  from critics, that is.

For as long as I can remember, black women have been trying to figure out how to manage their hair and stick with it. But as a woman of color myself, I just say, “Do what you can and be a good person- who cares about hair styles anymore?” I mean, grooming is one thing, but should anyone’s hair texture come into question? Is it that critical? That important? Absolutely not.

So back to Gabby and our communities: Let’s be happy for the girl whether she is bald, straight haired, natural or whatever. She made the choice to be the amazing “Flying Squirrel” and I am sure her mother is so very proud of her. As we all should be. When someone of any color achieves something positive, let’s just shout hurray! We are in this together whether we like it or not.


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