Back to School Prep Tips 1: How to Make Your Child’s School Year Successful

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School is nearly here.  Children are waiting for new school clothes from parents. Teens want even better outfits and gadgets. Adults considering school wonder how they will pay for the tuition and books.

Prepare before school begins.

In this segment, I will focus more on the academic needs of the children and teens. It is important that during the summer months parents enroll them in a place where they will get spiritually and mentally fed. For example, Vacation Bible Schools spring up every summer, camp, some kind of sports camps are available, or sign up at the local YMCA(or YWCA). Visiting museums, libraries, and other educational places will keep the child informed of current events and past events which affect their daily lives. Don’t bog them down with “too” much learning, but visiting a museum or library once a week or twice a week should suffice.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it”(KJV)

If there is a subject area your child is particularly weak in, get tutoring for them in that area so they may be caught up by time Fall rolls around.

What the child should do during school.

This next part is so important.

Going back to school carries its excitement, anxieties and everything in between. I remember being all excited over new clothes and stacks of notebook paper ready for me to use them up or share with a classmate. But he night before school rolled around and the sky suddenly lightened at 6a.m., I got nervous. I would immediately loathe the impending homework, after school activities and the teachers who would be mean.

Never mind that, when you got back to school, be sure you are prepared with knowledge and wisdom which God has placed in you:

  • Get plenty of rest starting right now so you’ll be used getting to bed early and on time. School typically starts very early in the day so those late night shows you enjoy watching, kiss them goodbye for at least ten months(unless they play on the weekends as well).
  • Eating breakfast is important. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is. You’ll have your energy and vitamins if you do this. I used to have just a nutri grain bar and orange juice for breakfast most of the week when I was a preteen and that was all I needed…until my stomach grumbled for lunch- but that was typical.
  • Organize your studies. Homework and projects galore, Oh My! The teachers will pour this on you but you have to stay ahead of the game. How do you do that, you ask? 
    • When your teacher first assigns you homework/project, any questions you have about it right then, ask it so when you get home, you can focus on just completing the work. Don’t wait several nights to do it. You will seriously not like your grades and the late night cram sessions so much.
    • Do the easy assignments first. To my understanding, school systems still hand out agendas for you to keep yourself organized, so list your assignments from easiest to hardest. In school my hardest assignments were math and science, but English, the Arts, and History were easy for me- so I did those assignments first.
    • If you are in high school and you have an empty block schedule, try study hall. Study hall is there for you to complete homework and possibly get some help with assignments before you leave for home. It is a period where you can square away all the clutter of assignments and focus on what else what is important, like maybe getting home, eating a snack and chilling out?
    • If you have a major project coming up, see point number 1: Ask questions about it, then tackle it right away. Sometimes, teachers hand out a syllabus or schedule of the project broken down, in this way you are not bogged down by the “big picture”- instead focus on just one aspect of the project per day/week.
  • Aside from academics, school is the start of a social setting(or the ending of one), so learn to be a good friend to yourself first. If you can respect yourself, then you can respect others. Just because you are hurting at home, does not give you the right to hurt others around you, you know how it feels- so get help. Counselors are in the school to help you with your problems, or talk with a friend who is positive and genuinely cares for your well being. Also, feel free to drop us an email at: to let us know how school is going for you.

These are just a few tips for the youth in order to make the school year go smoothly. For more tips on kids scheduling and preparation, visit

I hope you’ve been blessed by this post, the next post will detail some helpful resources to help your child study better and apply the concepts along with offers of tutoring help.

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