Digital flame throwers: How are we responding to current news online?

My aunt a long time ago told me that the world would “wax cold”- as  a teen I understood what she meant but now I see it for myself as an adult. Waxing cold is  a biblical term from Matthew 24:12-“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

The bible, whether most believe it or not is right. There is an increased wickedness which abounds and because of this the world has grown cold. I have seen this exercised in  many ways online and offline, but since I am usually online more than outside, I can view how people really feel and think about situations. They hide behind the computer so their words actually have more bite and less ethical responses.

Why am I pointing this out?

If you want to see how humanity has dwindled, just read some  of the heartless responses to the news on message boards. It seems not to matter if a person is suffering, or involved in some sort of injustice/prejudice; people will post the darnedest things. Here are some examples from the news I’ve seen /read this week:

  • This week, a teacher was found guilty for having sexual relations with five boys. This happened in Texas and so instead of people focusing on the big issue of why a person of authority who signed the contracts and know the rules would break them to have fun with boys and not her own husband- people from all over instead focused on her appearance and why if you look a certain way you can get away with it. Most of these people were probably adults and of course some had the gall to say that adultery isn’t so bad and rules are just wrong came up as well. Wisdom has flown out the window before, but this just got more ridiculous.
  • Last week I read how 75 black children were made to leave a pool at a community center and apparently they won their case and some money. The question I have is: Why is skin tone such a huge issue? If humans are higher order thinking “animals” why is there still this demonic, stupid subtle race war still going on? Well, you would think posters(especially those with kids of their own would say: “Hey, they should not put kids out like that!” But instead comments ranged from quotes such as: “We don’t know the whole story anyway” to “Get a private pool and you can kick out minorities and anyone else you don’t like.” So sad. So sad.
  • Last night I was looking up information on people being discriminated against for potential jobs simply because of where they live.  Someone was looking for support and some ideas to make the next step in their decision to to either file a complaint about the company refusing to hire her or just forgetting it. She was turned down because “commute problems”- they  figured if she lived far away she would not make it to work on time. You would think people would give honest answers minus the rudeness and self righteous responses, but again, the world has waxed cold and they don’t care about other people’s problems and woes- they have their own.  Some responses to “help” ranged from: “I live two hours away and I was still hired but I wouldn’t hire someone who live far” to, “Do you think they are supposed to hire you?” to ” This isn’t legally discriminating”

In all these cases, a person or group of people committed a wrong or had wrong committed against them and yes, these news clips deserve an honest look at our own lives and an honest criticism/helpful advice, but shouldn’t it be minus the rudeness?

How would we respond to these people in real life? Well Jesus responded to people according to their spirits. He knew the Pharisees were hypocrites- so he talked to them as such. People who needed answers and guidance, he responded accordingly and it was done out of pure love- not out of hiding behind something or someone to say what He wanted.

Here’s the deal. Just because I am posting this does not mean anyone will change how they communicate with people. Satan has offered mankind his own logic for dealing with life and truthfully, for many people, they are so far gone in what they believe from the enemy that any talk about actually loving someone, believing in the Truth, or having Justice and Mercy reign will sound like foreign gibberish to them.

And that is so sad.


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