Shooting at Empire State Building presses the gun control issue…

Woman talks about what happened on WNBC


Strolling along the web, I find disturbing news- A gunman opened fire at the Empire State Building today, 10 were shot, a possible victim dead and the gunman himself- dead. To watch the video and read the article, click  “Several People Shot at Empire State Building”

Also, someone made a comment(and I’ll paraphrase) that “Maybe we should get rid of cars too since those kill people as well.“[Spoken in favor of keeping guns, I guess]

Hmmm, clever answer, but is this based on life observation and logic, or just the fact that cars can kill people or people that die in car accidents?

Let’s go to God’s word first and foremost to tackle this gun control issue. In Matthew 26:52 Jesus tells his companion, “Put your sword back in its place…for all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (NIV)

Whatever you choose to live evilly by is what you’ll die by. So far guns seem the quickest draw to kill mass amounts of people. No potential killer says that they will put down money on a vehicle to purchase just so they can slaughter people.  What they do is get a compact, smaller weapon- such as a gun to wield and do their dirty work quickly and efficiently.

Cars can run over people. People do get killed by vehicles, planes, trains, and even animals, but so far guns have been the hot topic and folks don’t understand that this was not God’s purpose for us.  There is much more going on in the world than we know and we can’t make excuses for it.

Someone also said that the media is just sensationalizing things. True. But people are still dead/or hurt.

How can we cope with these problems? What is the real problem and how do we address it peacefully?

The answer is discover the God in us. We are built to desire justice and we never want to be wronged by anyone. Many gunmen/or gun persons who open fire are probably mentally insane. The other killers know clearly what they are doing and do it just for general pleasure. Then you have those who want to send out a message of their hurt using rage.

In any case, they needed to have relied on God and who He is. This is difficult because we live in an age of moral relativism where  folks believe “what is true for you may not be true for me”

Be careful.

What is true for many killers is not true for you- but believe it just the same. But this is why we have to rely not on relativism, but God’s Ultimate Truth.

His Truth is Love, found in the person of Jesus Christ who suffered then died for all our sins. Even if you do not believe in God, isn’t it time to show goodness to one another? Isn’t it time to realize that we don’t need guns to speak for us? We have a mouth, two ears and some common sense.

I hope this has encouraged many or at least sparked something you wish to talk about further. We welcome your comments!


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