The most difficult thing for a christian is…

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There are many difficult avenues Christians must maneuver and I am no different. However, I wanted to focus on just one area that seems to “tee” off many non believers and true worshipers of God alike: Giving.

If you have not done so already, there is a blog post I did not(too) long ago called “Have You Met Luke Warm?” In this post I mention about church folks who are just church folks: They fellowship on Sunday, have fancy materials and degrees and zero love for their neighbor and those in need- and they have so many wicked justifications for zero love its enough to make me vomit.

However, this post is about very crucial element to the Christian Lifestyle; the first is loving God. The next involves an Old Testament Principle:

*Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you. Deuteronomy 16: 17

I spoke with someone recently and they told me the reason they do not give is because the poor/downtrodden should be able to give something in exchange and plus we can’t trust anyone these days.


Is this the  thought pattern Jesus had in His mind when he said:

Give to him who keeps on begging from you, and do not turn away from him who would borrow [at interest] from you.
Matthew 5: 42

How about this scripture?

In everything I have pointed out to you [by example] that, by working diligently in this manner, we ought to assist the weak, being mindful of the words of the Lord Jesus, how He Himself said, It is more blessed (makes one happier and more to be envied) to give than to receive. Acts 20: 35

There are many more verses about not being selfish, splattered throughout the entire bible. Think about it. God was very generous to us and still is! He is not a selfish god at all- that’s man’s modus operandi. When God commands us to give, there should not even be a question about it. Questioning can be a sign of disobedience. Notice I said can be, because often we hear something from God that will rub against our carnal natures really hard and we want to be sure before we let anything go and serve someone else or even to serve Him. I know how that feels. Oftentimes God has called me to say something to someone I don’t truly like and the spirit of shyness rise over me when God has given me boldness to speak to this person.

Giving involves more than money.

Sometimes giving involves time, advice, food, or friendship.

God will never tell us to do something that is outside of His good and perfect Will. And one of those Will items is to Love him with our heart, all our soul, and with all our strength, all our mind.(Luke 10:27) Why am I mentioning this?

If we love the Lord as much as we say we do, why not do what He asks of us? Some of the things He ask are pure and simple. Here’s an example I see all around me:

A man or woman with plenty of resources(food, rooms, skills) see a person in need and will not offer the help to this person because the poor, disadvantaged person may take advantage of him/her. 

But how can someone take advantage of something that is freely given? My husband and I pondered and discussed this question one evening: How can someone take advantage of that which is given free? We should have not attachment to “stuff” in this world anyway; not to say stuff isn’t nice. I like nice clothing, electronics, new books, a good movie…those things are not bad. But if I have something extra to spare or even just a cool bottle of water to hand to a thirsty soul, does it really take a genius or being perfect just  to hand it over?

What is the core reason Christians won’t lovingly give?

No trust in God.

Me and my husband will teach more in this area, but for now rely on the Lord and seek what He has for you. He wants to depend on you for His Kingdom on Earth and he can not do so if you allow “stinking thinking”, selfishness, and self-pity in the way.

*Scriptures taken from the Amplified Bible on


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