Book Review: ‘Grieving God’s Way’

Image courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishers

In order for someone to write a book on grieving, it takes two key things: 1) that the writer has experience grief and loss himself or herself and 2) that the person recognizes who God is. The latter part is important for most Christian readers.

Margaret Brownley has experienced the loss of her own child and for 90 days she helps us explore the meaning behind “why” we grieve and why it is so important to stay focus on God and growth through our grief. Yes there is growth through grief. On a section entitled, “Walking through Grief” Brownley explains:

Walking helps keep us centered at a time when the world is in chaos. We grieve in circles and spirals, sometimes going up and often going down, but we walk in straight lines.”

The devotionals for each day conclude with a lovely haiku by Diantha Ain. Sometimes it takes but a few words to seal the deal in our hearts.

If you or anyone else you know may be grieving this book is like having a personal counselor on your nightstand at all times. Go through it, seek out the additional resources and remember to stay focused on what God wants from you during this time of hurt. He still needs you. It is hard to fathom why God would need us after we have experienced loss but He has experienced also with the death of his own Son Jesus.

Book Details:

Grieving God’s Way

Margaret Brownley and Haiku by Diantha Ain

Published: Thomas Nelson(2012)

ISBN: 978-0-8499-4722(trade paper)


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