School prep part 3: Online learners encouragement session

This is the year of school for online learners as well. If  you’re an adult with a busy life then you probably know how frustrating it can be to get all the financial documents in order, register for classes and pray you registered for the right ones in the process.

But once you have done all that, how can one prepare in the Summer and during Fall online learning to help the transition go more smoothly? Try this article, “How to Succeed in Your Online Classes”  and get the month by month tips on making your year better academically.

On this particular post, I hope to encourage you with a little information about online schooling and how so much different it is from physical colleges:

  • In a physical school you can see whom you are speaking to(obviously), but online you will be meeting with folks who have different backgrounds and this will require you to communicate clearly in text form and learn how to use discussion boards.
  • Discussion boards: This is one main way teachers and students can gather and collaborate using online platforms such as Blackboard or some other platform where students can engage in weekly/daily discussions. If you blog or send emails, using most online school discussion boards is quite similar.
  • If you are an online professor, then this is for you: Although you are facilitating an online course and adults typically should be reading more and you may assume they all the time in the world each day to complete assignments- you could be wrong. Scheduling assignments should be done with the learner in mind. Putting so much work on a student daily will begin to turn into a stress factor for everyone and the term “online convenience” will seem a farce.
  • Back to online learners: if you are unorganized, now is the time to learn time management. Plan out the days you work, send time with family, church, and work on assignments.
  • Keep in contact with your academic adviser and ask them anything pertaining to courses or your home life if school will be affected.
  • Keep up with financial documents even if you are on Pell grants. Keep financial aid counselors’ numbers and emails handy.
  • On first day of class record/jot down professor’s home/office numbers and email.

Remember, you can do all things in Christ who strengthens you.


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