Wish to guard what your teens read? Read ‘Guardian’, clean fiction is here

Image courtesy of Zondervan

This message here is for one group of people:

Those who want their teens and pre-teens to have clean fiction

This weekend, I had the privilege of reading and reviewing the YA(Young Adult) “Guardian” by Heather Burch . In the book a young girl, Nikki Youngblood is confronted with hell hounds, bad people, and two very handsome and stunning boys: Mace and Raven. Similar to Twilight tradition, there is a huge love triangle here, but there are some key differences between Heather Burch’s new popular series and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Personally, I enjoyed the Twilight series, but we must be honest- aren’t teens reading/watching enough dark stuff?

Here are some features of the Halflings Series that you might find appealing:

  1. Heather Burch, the author is actually a youth minister, so she hears and speaks with and to the teenagers in her life.
  2. The books are only 240+ pages so they are easy to digest and are page turners.
  3. The biblical idea of eternal damnation, and eternal salvation and God still being in charge in all circumstances is woven in the stories.
  4. It is clean fiction any teen will enjoy(Christian or non-Christian).

There are kissing scenes and “soft” touching scenes but nothing below the waist or graphic or crude, just teens being teens. However the story is one fitting for the current pop culture with stylish dressing, handsome and glamorous males and the romantic tension young adults and adults favor these days.

For more information, either click the link at the beginning of this post or head to Encouraging Reads for ordering information.


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