Designing your own utopia sounds nice, but there are pitfalls…

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This is based on some philosophical reading I have been doing: If you could design the perfect world, the perfect utopia- what would you eliminate?

I ask this because as Christians we have to be honest and realize there is just too much suffering. Good people are experiencing excruciating pain right now and we wonder where is God? Even Job had questions for God and at one time asked why was he born in the first place, just to experience pain?

These are important questions, but let’s not stray from the task: We have to design a world that is perfect. In a perfect world, there would no ability to feel pain. Therefore no ability to distinguish if something or someone is hurting you and ultimately you can’t feel love.

But, you may ask: Couldn’t we be programmed to feel only love? Sure. But if there is no pain, there is no love. What would be the distinguishing factor? It doesn’t exist in this utopia because is perfect already, so no need to feel love-you can’t.

The next task is to eliminate all problems. This can happen two ways. One, the world is perfect already so that means no starvation, no lack of money, no murderers and therefore zero problems. Or two, we can have superheroes on post in this world who in any strange or hurtful event whether natural or man-made would swoop down and save us at every instance. Sounds cool right? I actually like that last one…

Here’s the catch. First, Satan or Lucifer(whatever you want to call him) lived in a perfect world like that, worshipping the Lord  in the midst of His Glory and was God’s viceroy. Apparently, it wasn’t enough for him Satan if he is now chained in hell. But here is where we can make a difference, I think: Aside from natural disasters and natural illnesses, we can make this world a better place as God intended.

  • Feed, clothe, and provide shelter for the poor.
  • Be a good listener
  • Pray for one another

See that? Simple, biblical principles to create a real utopia. The bonus? We will experience pain and loss- there is no sugar-coating that- but through that we will experience powerful love as well.

Hopefully I didn’t sound too cheesy as I don’t deal with suffering and pain well and everyday I question why Lord why? I think the answer  is found in His Word.

*Some books of the bible for you to read if you have questions about life and need inspiration






*Find some verses you’d like to share regarding the new heaven and new earth or on engaging God’s world? Share them here! 🙂




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