Personal offense at private prayer, I understand but…

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This is a message for unbelievers and trust me, I really do want to understand…

Is it that we can actually see the workings of our government, money, businesses, and flesh why we don’t believe God exists?

If we are in a nation where Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Wiccans, and Animists reside then why is it that prayer is the one thing banned in schools? To my understanding, and I could be wrong- any kind of prayer or religious acitivty is banned from schools.

Before I get ahead of myself, I actually am all for separation of Church and State and believe no one can hinder the power of prayer anyway. But just for GP, why?

Why is it that prayer is seen as so offensive?

I had to literally explain to someone why prayer isn’t offensive. It shouldn’t have been a debate about something so peaceful but we are in the last and evil days…

The power of prayer is something floated up to our Lord. There is power there. Is it because even though prayer is the most harmless activity man can do, it can also be the most powerful force in a nation? Are unbelievers somehow aware of this power and wish to squash it? I say this because in schools, a teacher can hang up ghost, goblins, evil pumpkins and such but if a student comes to class with a cross on his/her shirt, it becomes WWIII. As a thinking person and as a Christian I find that highly illogical.

I find it illogical because if those puppets and posters are harmless why aren’t those sanctioned as well? If we are to sanction something let us be consistent. Here’s a list of things that should be banned ASAP.

  • Guns
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Cigarettes, Weed, other drug substances

These are things I’d love to see banned everywhere because these items causes harm, death, diseases, and causes division. If a system wants to outlaw something, outlaw those items. I never seen people get oppressed, depressed, or killed over prayer. But people have been persecuted because prayer.

Again, my thing is if you don’t believe in prayer, that is totally fine. But America(and some other countries as well)….why outlaw something you believe doesn’t exist or have power anyway?

In another post, I will offer up some explanations as to why sometimes prayer isn’t enough…

For now, I thank you for reading, I truly do. Please,  comments are welcome. How can we learn from one another without a discussion, an opening and sharing of the minds?

God Bless!


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