Is Jesus awakening the muslim world? He sure is in these true accounts…

Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? by Tom Doyle

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Christ is showing himself to Muslims and it happens to be a wakeup call for every believer. In Tom Doyle’s latest book, “Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?” He explores stories told by real Muslims of how they encountered Jesus in their dreams and visions. Beware though; this book is more than just case studies of how they met Jesus. It is a powerful tool for Christians.

In each chapter, there is a situation, a need, and a dream. For example, there is a Muslim wife who is ignored by her husband and she finds comfort in using Skype to chat with other Christians. As she begins to learn more about Jesus, He appears in her dreams- and something else does too. In the end she asks one question: Can a person worship Jesus in the bathroom? Another account, which is by far the saddest, is about Fatima, who called herself “Rania” online. She grew up in a purely Muslim home and found herself in love with Jesus Christ and she became an outspoken follower online. She is soon found out…

Then there is the woman named Dina who could not stop herself from shouting “Christians are all going to hell!” She is one tough lady until someone very close to her meets Jesus. There are more startling accounts within the pages of this book and it is hard to put down as you follow sincere converts to the Lord Christ and you can feel the passion, the fire they have for Jesus Christ, no matter what.
In fact, “each of their story is really His story…to us, the dreams and visions are supernatural experiences but to Jesus, I suspect He’s just doing His business here on earth as He always has”(Doyle, 2012, p.16: Dreams and Visions)

Here’s something else I’d like to point out too: Doyle makes sure to pause between a set of stories to enlighten us to some political, religious, or biblical information pertinent to the stories and to the Christian faith. The revelation of God is being revealed and believers are afraid to minister to and disciple Muslims because of post 9/11, lack of knowledge, the media, and perhaps our own selfishness. It is time to do what we are called to do and that is simply to plant the seeds of faith in everyone.

This is what made the book highly informative and enjoyable- it is a clarion call to readers.

*Disclaimer: This book was received for my unbiased review from Thomas Nelson Publishers

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