Neither candidate addressed an issue I was concerned about…

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Something has been really bothering me this election year. I took some time to do this post because to be honest- I am appalled by what I have heard all week and the previous months concerning voting. Neither candidate addressed issues I was concerned with.

Where voting is concerned, you have three groups of people: Those who vote, those who don’t and those who are just very unsure if it even matters anymore. I am in the last group and let me tell you why.

I have been voting since I was eighteen years old. I grew up in a home where we talked politics and we took a stance on a political party and I went to school, took up government (like we all had to) and learned even more about the privilege and the right to vote. This truly affected some groups more than others, specifically Blacks and women. If you are black and a woman this presented double problems.

Anyway, before I accepted the Lord into my life and became more conscious of what was happening in my own community, I voted. I yelled the same words everyone else did: “Vote to make a change! Vote to make a change!” Don’t get me wrong. I would never tell people not to vote. I don’t advise that. We have all come a long way and voting is a part of the election process where we all have the choice and chance to participate.

However, people have this whole “make the world better” kind of thing backwards. You mean to tell me that when I vote for a human being, that human will correct the myriad of wrongs going on, including what is going on in my community? I don’t believe I heard Obama or Romney mention anything about the poor. The poor are officially off the radar and forgotten. I heard no mention of them at all.

Before a leader can talk about health care, women’s rights, and taxes…the poor have one important question: How will I eat?

The next question may be about clothing, or perhaps shelter or how will I make it to the job interview if I haven’t got transportation?

A president cannot answer all those questions and they definitely WILL NOT personally assist the poor in their trials.

But I do know who can.

We can.

The nation has convinced itself that if we vote for someone, they will cause all the problems to go away, but my trust is in the Lord completely. Every election year the poor gets neglected and rejected.

There is someone in your neighborhood right now who needs you.  Perhaps they had a rough start in life and just need a little push so they can go on and make their own living. Maybe they need a ride to work, or the job interview. Maybe their child needs extra baby clothing and food, maybe they need someone to talk to- I don’t know ,but reaching out to each other in our communities will eliminate total dependence on “higher ups” concerned with only higher ups.

This need not be only monetary help(we shall discuss this further in other posts); food is the number one thing that should be addressed in our areas. When food banks are wiped out and churches closed, we are to feed the hungry. Obama shouldn’t have to tell us that in order for us to do it.

So without being too long winded(or type winded- corny, I know), by all means continue to vote but pray for our leaders that they make the right decisions in all areas.

As for me and my house…

We will serve the Lord.


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