Secession from unity? Departure from biblical wisdom…

I am hearing talk about people threatening to leave the U.S. because of Obama’s re-election. This is from America’s preachers and teachers. They speak of using the ballot box as the solve all end all…

According to my NIV bible in 1 John 2:18 “…you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now there are many anitchrists”(paraphrased).  As I have said in a recent post; it is definitely time for Christians to be more about God’s business and even though I did not elect for either president, saying that Obama’s re-election is ushering in the antichrists is a falsehood as the antichrists are already here- and this includes those who holler Lord.

There are other more racial reasons why some may wish to leave the “Uunited” States.

First of all, America is not really united. This is why I call it America instead of United States. In a country where there is true unity there is no racism. In a country where there is true unity there is no sexism. In a country where there is true unity, there is no ageism. In a  country where there is true unity, there is no prejudice of any kind and correction will come from God’s Word concerning  moral laws broken(this part will take forver to dicsuss but you get the idea).

Secondly, the slaves which were brought here, were brought here  to work as servants but slaves they became quickly and judged as demonic and full of darkness before their arrival to this place called America. Now that there is a brown culture rising up from cultural stigmas and doing what they are supposed to: Going to school, working, taking office… the Devil does not seem to like that.

If anything, the Africans wanted to secede long ago because of evil, dark injustices preyed upon them in America.

And this is why we must pray. Leaving the states will not help a soul, because if you feel there is unjustice here, then you will take your prejudice elsewhere and taint the land there- if it isn’t already filled with problems.

Bottom line: Pray for our leaders. Pray that they will make the right decisions concerning EVERYONE.

God bless.


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