‘Two and Half Men’ actor and the divide between legal and moral law

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Two and Half Men star, Angus T. Jones, has become a pop culture media topic this week since he has recently told the world he is going the way of God and denounced his show as “filth”- see more at “Two and  Half Men Star”.

The Bottom Line

Needless to say a number of fans, television hosts, and others are highly upset. Think about it: A very popular show which Charlie Sheen just left and now Angus too? Because of this, according to the CBS news article,, Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory are now number one for prime time television. At least I’m assuming this is one of the reasons.

To Christians, however, this is wonderful news. Angus is now one of the moral thinking; “saved” individuals welcomed into our family our God.

But did he do the right thing? What is the hoopla all about?

It boils down to money.


I am not familiar with entertainment contracts, but I do what a contract is, and it seems that walking out of a show that pays you under contract and then belittling it in public is against all kinds of legal/ethical codes.

What does Scripture Say?

But- and there is always a but somewhere, what does God have to say in the Scriptures about following government authorities and laws? Do we follow God or man when it concerns our Christian walk?

According to Richard J. Foster, in his book Celebration of Discipline, “Understanding the cross-life of Jesus, Paul says, “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities”(Romans 13:1)(p. 120)

But then Acts 5:29 says, “We must obey God rather than men! The God of our fathers raised Jesus from the dead-whom you have killed by hanging him on a tree”

Whoa. Powerful words there. As usual, while reading bible verses, it helps to read everything in context to see what is actually happening. In Acts 5 The apostles were being persecuted and had to appear before the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin were elders of Israel and Peter and the apostles had to respond hotly when the Sanhedrin told them they shouldn’t teach in Jesus’ name.

There is another powerful Scripture concerning human authorities. 1 Peter 2:13,14 “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to king as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong…” NIV

The Scripture goes on to mention that we are to live as free men, but not free enough to be doing evil, we are still servants of the Lord(vv. 15-17)

So, there seems to be some balance here. In relation to Angus and his contract, that contract is part of a governing authority instituted and established by men who made it to keep up the law and legal codes, so in that aspect it is good to adhere to. Yet, if it is a show that degrades women, and full of extra filth- as children of the Lord we must do everything we can to flee from such immoralities.

What Angus did was take a stand for what he believed in and wanted to flee from evil. The world says he is brainwashed…

But aren’t we all to some degree?

Why Hollywood Bashes Christianity at Every Step

Here are my uneducated opinions as to why Christianity is one of the top religions that gets super dissed in public:

  • Bad history. Simple. Christians have persecuted folks all throughout history.
  • Hypocrites. The world is full of them, but Christians have proven to be just as bad, if not worse than the average nonbeliever. Therefore when someone says they are Christian, a roll of the eyes is in order.
  • The Holy Scriptures. A comedian once said no one wants to come to Christ because the bible literally puts foot to tail. There is no get out of jail free cards and God’s law stands above man’s law.
  • It is a way of life. Angus is learning now that being a Christian is like studying Kung-Fu. It is a lifestyle. It is not something you just say you are, it permeates your entire being and extends outward. Anyone can study literature at home and accept anything outside the home, but to follow our Lord Jesus Christ means we have to be consistent in our daily walk. It is how you feel, what you know, how you act, and what you do.  This is why Christ is attacked even now. Other religions can pretty much get away with it because they are “relative”, “cool”, and not too domineering. But to follow Christ, you have follow Him and mean it.

So, I could be wrong with these reasons- but they are only based on observations. I will be totally honest. I used to watch Two and Half Men every night. The cast are funny, talented people, hands down. But eventually it began to drone on in nastiness and I’m left wondering, why did I ever start watching this mess?


To God be the Glory.



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