14 Tough questions most christians struggle with answering

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There are some tough questions that we as Christians need to talk about and explore deeper. These questions can help us to grow and expand our reach to the lost. Below are a few questions that was brought up recently and a few I have encountered on message boards and chat rooms. I will not provide answers, but hopefully it would fuel a discussion.

  1. How long should we keep helping someone? Is there a  limit to our giving?
  2. How often should we fast? Do we have to fast at all?
  3. What does it mean if prayer does not work?(e.g. the person didn’t get a job, get healed, etc.)
  4. Being frutiful and multiplying is a Genesis concept. Should that be applicable today?
  5. Are Christians schools the only best schools for Christian families?
  6. Is there such a thing as a bad Christian?
  7. Should we tithe at all? Have we missed the point?
  8. Is Sunday truly the Sabbath day? Is there a mandate that states we are supposed to go to “church” and only on Sundays?
  9. When natural disasters happen to foreign lands where God is not professed…did they deserve it? Was it truly an act of God?
  10. Can a woman who aborts her child be forgiven? Are there truly circumstances where the child must be aborted?
  11. What is a relevant church?
  12. Does it matter what style of music the church plays?
  13. How can we tell someone is a real Christian?
  14. As an artist, writer, musician- Does all of my work have to be “Christian” by label?

As you can see, even if there is a clear answer to most of these questions, the clear answer more than likely will come from the individual’s thoughts and experiences. We can back up most answers with the Word of God and if so, where does most debate come from?

The source could be our fleshly ways. We think with our flesh because it is closest to us.

What are your thoughts on any of these questions?


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