Cars can kill people, so can boats and airplanes…so why are guns the special topic of debate?

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Chris Rock once said we don’t need gun control, we need bullet control. If everyone had to pay five thousand dollars for bullets, they would be careful how they aim.  I’m paraphrasing of course and his logic is undenaiable…

But, here we go. Another person is gunned down.  15 year old Hadiya Pendleton was shot Tuesday January 29 and friends and family are just stunned. The girl who performed at the Presidential Inauguration is now gone. The target of course, was NOT her. As is what often happens in these situations.

So the question once again comes back to gun control. Is it the people that need controlling or should we just get rid of the guns?

Based on idiotic comments on various boards across the net, I could cry,” Please don’t take away guns. It’s the people!”(I did a blog post showcasing a tiny amount of my thoughts on this issue)

Soooooo what are we to do with the humans? Humans are cunning, complex, easy to love and hate creatures and many come complete with killer insticts and horrid motives.

Guns on the other hand are efficient weapons that one can carry easily in a pocket- designed by humans of course.

Psychologists, counselors and spiritualists have tried for thousands of years to understand People. Not guns. It is not so easy to just get rid of people(or reprogram them) because another is born or tainted every second. We can pray for them and we are to encourage the good inside them- but  is that enough?

Now here is where the issue gets dicey….

Cars kill people

Knives kill people

Airplanes kill people

Guns kill people

I take it no one can argue this point here. So why are guns specifically such a hot topic for debate?

Think about it.

Those items I listed, and there is definitely more- are not small, swift and efficient…at the same time. Therefore if a person wants to kill large crowds of people or aim at someone they will not buy a boat, a car, a knife, or an airplane. It is more cost effective and efficient to just get a gun.

I believe guns will never be completely taken away. I am not that naive. However, there need to be some stricter bans on these deadly weapons so those who are murderous, complex killers can just go get help or slow them down from killing thousands.

The best weapon of all is the Word of God…and He is love.

Thoughts anyone?


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