Celebrity atheists and why many don’t believe in a “higher power”

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“I’ve never seen evidence for it.”

“I’ve been raised religious and saw more hypocrites than believers”

“I lost my friend/family member/loved one”

“Does it really matter?”


The excuses above are probably the same thoughts that roll around all of our minds. How can we know God exists now? Some celebrities foolishly say, “Well, once I get there after I die, then I will know for sure.”

The Examiner.com team has put together a list of famous atheists. They begin the article by explaining the celebrities who do believe in God and how it affects their careers to a certain point. But what about those celebrities that are really militant about being either agnostic or atheistic?

First of all, an agnostic is a person who really doesn’t know if there is a God and leaves that box open to discussion. Staunch atheists believe in no God whatsoever. Some actors who are agnostic/atheist include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, James Cameron, Amber Heard and more. Many of them just don’t believe and will not believe until after their last breath.

But do you really wish to wait until after you die? Confessing that Jesus is Lord and Savior now is the best time, not in death where God will surely judge.  “And every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of the Father”(Philippians 2:11).

One actress stated that she does not like the concept of a higher power because it weakens a person’s own responsibility and takes off their guilt. In other words with the idea of forgiveness, a person is let off the hook.

Um. No.


That’s not how it works. We all should be very thankful for forgiveness because it actually shows how human we are and prone to err. The bible is hands down the most clear and honest book out there. Why?

It tells the truth. The bible warns us that in this life there will be trials and tribulations(John 16:33)

It talks about women who can’t have children and their men who don’t ask questions to produce with another(Genesis 16:1-16 NIV) Which is going on now.

Other religions and books sometimes make things out to be peaches and cream. Jesus came so that we may have life and more abundantly but he still warns us about real life.

So, it is true, that forgiveness clears the slate for us.

It is not true however, that a person who believes in God is irresponsible or have some invisible power to blame. God holds us ALL accountable, including those who believe they are righteous in their own eyes.



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