Belief and science can walk together, but you must believe…

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Belief and unbelief. Which is more powerful?

I read a Dean Koontz novel this week titled, “Breathless”- you can review it at Breathless Review for a deeper understanding.  In the novel there is one particular scene I enjoy. It is the scene where Lamar Woolsey, a physicist and mathematician deduces where the peaceful and seemingly magical animals come from. In the story there are animals named Puzzle and Riddle who look like a mix of cat, dog, and otter but their fur is pure white and they have human hands.

Lamar says he can talk math to explain the plain biology stuff, but it will take faith to believe where else these animals came from. Basically he says people believe in evolution because of the bones, artifacts and pictures we see in the books and in school. But a worm with thousands of code in its DNA will never evolve and a human couldn’t either. These animals sprang from Nothing- but Something caused them to spring to life.

We had a beginning.

Earth had a beginning.

The ever expanding universe, has a beginning too.

So I must have faith that there is an intelligent designer who Caused Everything. The creator can be called, the Uncaused Cause.

Anyhow, the book made for an entertaining read, but it also caused me to focus on where my beliefs lie. What we believe shape who we are. If we believe we just migrated here and go back to dust in the dark when we perish, then we live a hopeless, Godless life. But if there is hope in heaven,  hope in the Christ Jesus who died for our sins and wants us to go where there are “many rooms”- there is a rejoicing in our Spirits.

We will be going home. Our true home.

But that takes Believing.


One thought on “Belief and science can walk together, but you must believe…”

  1. Great writing, Alex. All physical properties have a beginning, but the Uncaused Cause was the One who brought it all into being. Our faith does determine our destiny. Thanks for sharing!

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