Transgender student sues baptist college: What is the real problem here?

According to Domaine Javier is suing California Baptist University after they found out he was a male.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that on the college application for Nursing School he checked off “female” knowing he’s anatomically he’s a man.

Now I will not get too deep in this post for many reasons, but I will say this. The school does accept students no matter what faith they have and they do not have to be Christians. The problem lies in…well…the lie.

Domaine probably felt he was a good student and he had lots of scholarships which have since been taken away. So why lie on an application? Many applications even for jobs will add “to the best of your knowledge, is this true?”-I’m paraphrasing. However, Javier knew he was a boy and on those grounds he lied.

Some would say, “Why should it matter if a girl or boy applied? He got the scholarships.” I understand that. Totally get it. Education is universal and should be gender blind…

But right is right and wrong is wrong. He should have checked off male just to avoid all the drama that is now happening.

On to the other stuff. Javier being transgendered should not be shoved under the rug. It is significant in this case because “he concealed who he was”. If I have to lie about myself to get somewhere, I don’t need to be there. Or taken seriously.

Here’s another conundrum: Javier identifies more with female rather than male according to his lawyer. So in essence Javier was  being himself on the application.

God does not call us into confusion. We are to be who He called us to be- not lie to ourselves and on paper. People like Domaine Javier need God’s love as well as the Gospel Truth.


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