Here’s a soul question: Did the devil make you do it or did you take his advice?

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I heard the radio today while in a taxi and the DJ announced that Lil’ Wayne was finally released from the hospital after a seizure he suffered a few days ago. Not surprisingly, the cause was something called Syzurp(I guess I’m spelling that wrong). Anyhow, its a drink mixed with Percocet, Vicodine, and strong cough medicine- let it sit then drink up. I hear that kids are following this trend and the cab driver said, “He should be arrested”.

As soon as I said to the cabbie: “You see, some people think its the devil that makes them-”

He stopped me in mid sentence by saying, “Hold on. Put on the brakes. There is only one God and then the devil. No in between”(I started to ask why was he listening to station to begin with but I am not one to judge at this point)

I said(after being rudely cut off): “People do have a  choice. If kids and teens and even adults are drinking this mess and they know what it consists of, there needs to be some kind of discernment and self responsibility. Lil’ Wayne, Jay Z, or the devil can’t make anyone do anything. They are suggesting.”

You see, the devil can only suggest and whisper. These days the suggestion is very strong, but if you have the Word inside you, you can distinguish from your own desires and God’s best plan for your life. But let’s look at some popular biblical folk who made bad choices and suffered consequences…

  • King Solomon. Writer of many proverbs and author of Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes. We read his wisdom in Proverbs and we marvel in how he equates adultery and evil with loose women. But according to history Solomon had many wives and many of them were not God worshippers. They came from different lands and perhaps he got caught up in their looks? He could have decided against them but he didn’t. Then we read his words in Ecclesiastes: “Wisdom is meaningless” “I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure.”(Ecc. 2: 10 NIV) Notice how he said “I” and not the enemy?
  • King David. Let’s go to Solomon’s roots- his father. Remember David, the shepherd boy who fought Goliath and promptly became one “after God’s own heart? Do you remember he lusted after Bathsheba? Oh, she was married alright but he caught her bathing on top of a roof and of course he stared- and stared- and wanted…so he had her. The prophet Nathan had to approach him and tell him of his wrong through a narrative or parable if you will. Certainly demonic forces had to be at work at this point but David  inquired about her(inquisitive), then slept with her(action) and had the audacity to have her hubby killed(sin). This was a process carried out not by a mad man, but a wise man who wrote most of Psalms and deliberately plotted his points. Read more of his story in 1 and 2 Samuel and in chronicles.
  • Cain. How can we forget” poor” Cain whose gifts unto the Lord were not as pleasing to God as his brother Abel’s were? A very interesting scripture pops out concerning Cain. Venture with me to Genesis 4:6-7, “Then the Lord said to Cain, ‘Why are you so downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do what is not right , sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” (NIV) I take it Cain wanted to do what was right but perhaps he was too envious, too jealous, or too lazy to give his best to God and it made him more upset with Abel(and himself?)…murderous even. He deliberately took Abel out to the field and killed him.

God is warning us: Do what is right and just. You know right from wrong. Sure the devil/enemy/accuser roams the earth. So what? Yes the suggestions, the images, the advice is getting more powerful.

But with God-

You CAN master it.

*What other people from the bible can you think of who made some unwise choices but God loved them anyway? Do you think sometimes suggestions are more powerful than doing what is right? Why? Share your story or example here.

God Bless and remember to encourage and support one another as Brothers and Sisters in Christ!


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