Dr. Ben Carson accused of being an Uncle Tom: The Bootstrappers vs. Bad Communities


It took me some time to post up my thoughts on the Ben Carson news from last week.  I am not sure of the complex particulars, but gathered from news articles and a radio show recently, Ben Carson was accused of being an Uncle Tom. For those who don’t know who Dr. Ben Carson is, he is an American neurosurgeon who wrote the book I truly loved, “Gifted Hands”.

However, the Black community have been upset with Ben Carson for being a “token Black” of the GOP- apparently he has been sounding off on problems in the Black community. He says the moral fabric in those communities are broken down.

Carson commented to Fox, “They (critics) feel that if you look a certain way then you have to stay on the plantation. You know I’ve heard some people refer to me as an Uncle Tom. Well, obviously they don’t know what an Uncle Tom is because they need to read Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel
Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/im-no-uncle-tom-says-dr-benjamin-carson-92753/#jeIgZ0yEixodTs0v.99

Others claim that Ben Carson is a “pull your own self up by the bootstraps type of guy” and that it’s a farce to believe even he never needed help.

There are so many claims and so many different angles and philosophies  but there is something that the Boostrap people must realize and those residing in bad communities need to acknowledge. Both sides have major points to consider.

You must have boots to have bootstraps.

As much as I like and respect Dr. Ben Carson’s triumph(I even watched the Gifted Hands), however sometimes those who “have made it” forget that the downtrodden are not all criminals or have somehow done something wrong to land themselves in a poor spot. We are called to judge to correction, but it must be righteous and come from someone who is righteous.

A person has to have boots first, to have bootstraps- this means that  someone who has went to college, have their own car and home- still had to fill out an application first, or rely on transportation, and even learn a special subject from someone else before becoming what they are. We are not born knowing and able to do anything on our own.

Crime infested neighborhoods are a problem…

Now that I’ve said that, I see that Dr. Carson may have been trying to shed some light on whats in the dark. I have to be honest: Only in a crime infested community have I had items stolen, noisy neighbors, loud teens, and cursing flying everywhere it is not good at all. Sometimes, I barely received my mail(was it stolen, never delivered?) As my husband says, the ‘hood isn’t a place- it is a state of mind- not the ground or apartment buildings’ fault. So if Ben Carson had mentioned that Blacks need to get it together, I agree 1000%!

All talk, no action.

I am reminded in Scripture that “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked”(Luke 12:48)

So when the radio host asked: “Ma’am, who do you think is responsible for cleaning communities?” The caller said a very shaky, but quiet answer: “Us?”


All of us.

If you have your Bible, please read the entire Luke 12 or find it here so you can see what I mean. Sure, it is up to the communities to clean up the act and help each other- Kudos to that. I believe in that.

But people with the money, the talent, and the resources can do more. MUCH more(some of these resourceful people reside in the communities!). It can be as simple as mentoring someone or encouraging a young child in reading, or helping a teen fill out a scholarship application.

Here’s the main idea: Whatever much God has placed inside of you, use it for His good. There are those who won’t take the truth or do right- so you go to those who want to do better and be better.

All thoughts welcome! 🙂

God Bless!


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