One of the most important prayers in a Christian’s life


As a Church- yes! I said Church…not the building but the Body of Christ, we need a little help with what we should be praying for. I can go through  some profound teachings on prayer but certainly not in this post. However, I will say this. Intercessory prayers are needed People of God. I was watching TBN this past Sunday and I could not believe all the teachings on Prosperity and tithing. In a time like this we should not even be on a topic -at least not in its Americanized way-WE need to pray for others’ strength and salvation.

Anyway, Intercessory Prayer is one of the most important prayers a Christian prays. It means you are interceding on one’s behalf-praying on another’s behalf while having their ultimate redemption in mind. There are other things this year and many years to come we need to think and pray on:

  • First, the snatching up and horrendous abuse of Pastor Saeed who has been unlawfully detained by Iran for his faith. WE need to keep him and his family in our fervent prayers.
  • Continue to pray for other countries and their poverty, crime, starvation and their eventual salvation through Christ.
  • Let us pray for the homeless in America. An irony built upon itself where the poor line the streets and jobs are scarce and evictions on the rise.
  • Let us pray for the small gatherings starting to build up in the name of Christ. Gatherings to bring people together outside the four walls of church.
  • Let us pray for the” small” churches that they will continue to love God and not worry about how few member they have. In fact, let us pray they will outreach more.
  • Let us pray for “mega” churches who are mega in structure size but their hearts are tiny pieces of grilling coals. Let us pray they don’t let the spirit of Mammon take over.
  • Let us pray for the government in America and abroad, that they will see others and their decisions through the lens of Christ(a far stretch here but I got my mustard seeds in my hand 🙂

These are just some of the things we should be focusing on in our prayers. Certainly family members and friends should be included on your prayer tablets as well. WE all are to encourage, esteem and pray for each other anyway.

God bless and rejoice for this is the day God has made!


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