‘Kamisama Kiss’: Nanami’s dance and our twirl with the Holy Spirit

Isn’t a joy to know we serve a God who chooses us in the midst of our frailty, our failures, and flaws? In  “Kamisama Kiss”, a poor homeless girl(Nanami), whose father left her,  is selected to be a land god. Now, let’s forget about the “land god” thing because there is only One Lord in this world. But the series makes a very loud and clear statement that the ones who are considered weak and destitute have a strong calling for something greater.

Without giving too much away, in Season 1: Episode 13, Nanami is faced with a growing, evil miasma surrounding the Mikage Shrine. She runs away frightened and defeated. She has not used her god-like powers to their fullest extent and therefore feels…useless. However she remember that the Shrine is her home, she has friends there and she has power on the inside so when she dances the Kagura dance, twirling in a gorgeous Kimono and swings bells of light, she gains confidence in front of the growing evil throwing out blades of light.

Her confidence did not spring up from nowhere. She had it in her the whole time. The scene is absolutely stunning.

What does this anime have to do with Christians today?

You know as a Believer that the Holy Spirit dwells in you. The Holy Spirit is a Him not an it- He is the breath of God. If we need to speak a new tongue, heal, prophesy, combat evil, the Lord has left us the Holy Spirit to help and He is who we should rely on. Jesus tells us in John 14:12 that “we will do even greater works than he if we believe in him” (NIV).

In Kamisama Kiss, Mikage leaves his shrine and power to a homeless high school student and for a while, she forgets she has power bestowed upon her from a god and this leads to her depression and almost defeat.

Let us not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ is still with us, moving through us granting us confidence, grace, power, and humility. Remembering who we are and who we belong to is the most amazing piece of knowledge to possess.

God Bless!


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