To cramp a Christian’s style…

Image by Jenny Downing for

To dilly dally in prose would not shock the readers. I have to tell this one in verse…

To cramp a Christian’s style, just dose

them with logic and pop culture

to relieve their morality

their undying love to God.

A country built on ambivalence:

sometimes hate and liquid love

and sometimes frozen with

blood, murder, slavery:non-love

but to cramp a Christian’s style

the World tells them, “Be tolerant! Be us!”

Be Up to date and



Not ancient where the Heavenly father set

his rules to guide

the finite human

He set…


the world on its axis, gave us the mind

to plan…

to plot…

the course of where this world should go

I am seduced, cajoled,

persuaded to leave the one thing I know


The Word.

The Word

that is wrapped up all in me

words refusing

to be cramped by wicked politics and

sensual agendas.

Copyright 2013 Erica Jean Smith


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