What is soaking music? Singing a new song to the Lord

God's grace by  Rennett Stowe
Being  in His presence is what soaking music is all about

Soaking music began somewhere around 2001 or perhaps earlier, either way if you have trouble getting into the presence of God and really want the healing and the prophetic to hit you in the spirit. Here is a little bit about soaking music and how it is a great conduit to worshiping God.

When we think of Christian music, traditionally we think of Gospel or CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), maybe some other kind of alternative rock with Christian influences and a splash of Gospel R&B. But when you hear “soaking” what comes to mind? A looser description of soaking music is music that you can relax to. There is really no need for words just a relaxing moment and enjoy the silky sounds moving over your eardrums. Luxuriate in it as in a bath full of bubbles.

In order to know the definition, you must know the purpose behind soaking music. Its purpose is so that you can “set aside time for God” or flow into His presence”, therefore the music is very low tempo, rarely upbeat if at all. For example, ever stayed to the end of a worship service in church and there is an altar call? During the altar call, typically there is some quiet music the band plays. This is to get the members in a mind focused on the Lord- the music accompanies the actions, buoys it. That is soaking music.

What Makes Soaking Music Different From Other Religious Music?

By now you are probably wondering, just what is it that makes soaking music unique? First,Soaking music is not very “beaty”, and second, it is not (but can be) mainstream. Third- many of the soaking artists sing for healing, adoration of the Lord, or prophesy through their music.

Certainly most Christian/Gospel music can do this, yet soaking are songs sung unto God. It is very smooth and relaxing and it sets you in a place that frames your heart and soul for God. Says, Ray Watson from Secretplaceministries.org:

There is a cry today in the hearts of God’s people for greater intimacy in worship – for songs that are God-breathed, songs that are birthed in another world and can bring that world to us, songs that are so touched by His presence that they capture every heart for Him. There, in the secret place, we are captivated by His love and consumed with His purpose for our lives. There, in the intimacy of worship, we will lay down our brief lives in pursuit of the greatest privilege ever offered to man – to be lovers of God.

To continue reading this wonderful article which includes music videos to soothe you, please head over to Soaking Worship Music: A New Beat and be blessed!


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