Haircuts in exchange for hugs, city officials squash good Samaritan’s deeds

Anthony Cemerys
Free haircuts for homeless

When you troll around the internet, you find interesting news stories. For instance, today I found a news article about an 82-year old man who gives free haircuts to the homeless and has been for at least 25 years. “Concerned” citizens worried about the sanitation issues involved with giving these free haircuts so city officials ordered the 82 year old Anthony Cymerys out of the city park in Hartford, Connecticut.

The online community responded with outraged posts as they should because here we have someone who actually gives a kitty about those who are homeless and he feels this is his one skill he can give for free- and here comes the devil not wanting anyone uplifted.

America- what is wrong with this picture?

In my humble opinion, I think all of this centers on unwarranted fear and money. Money being the biggest factor.

The bible says we can not serve God and Money(Matthew 6:24). This nation is a servant to money which is why we are  a nation of double minded folks. A world where we weep over celebrities and their problems and continue to have their names in our mouths but bad mouth the poor.

We are also a nation who weep over children killed, but try hard legalize abortion.

America: Make up your minds.


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