He’ll wash your sins white as snow; weekend highlights and more

Snow White and the Huntsman image from Justjared.com

This weekend was beautiful and extremely blessed. My husband and I had the opportunity to share the love of Christ with people. We took along a few friends from the church we visit and it is just so amazing how God can humble those we reach out to and even give us the words to speak. The Holy Spirit was certainly shining in everyone that day and I thank God for the opportunity.

Last night as I watched “Snow White and the Hunstsman” DVD, I realized the movie had a few spiritual insights that piggybacks our experience this weekend. Let me share them with you:

In the movie, Snow White(Kristen Stewart) is being sought after by the wicked queen Ravenna(Charlize Theron) for her heart. The queen needs Snow White’s heart to stay young forever and this is because Snow White is considered pure.

Snow White escapes and a Huntsman(Chris Hemsworth) is sent to capture her. However, something about Snow White gives him pause and he ends up training her for the battle that is ahead.

Here is the scenario again:

  • A girl is locked away in her own home
  • An evil queen wants her heart for youthful beauty
  • The girl runs away-out of fear(she does not yet realize what she is)
  • A huntsman tracks her down and trains her to fight the enemy.

Sometimes, the reason why the body of Christ do not get along is because we have our own agenda(we seek out our own pleasures) and we destroy each other before really getting to know and love one another. We treat others outside the fold the same way.

The huntsman decided to seek out Snow White because the queen promised she will bring his wife back. So that was his motivation. A selfish want. In the process he was literally going to hand over purity just to have his wife back.

But when he realized who Snow White truly was- he could not kill her. His motivation, his agenda changed completely. He had to do a higher will-something outside of his own wants so that Snow White could walk into her destiny.

The lost out there do not know how loved they really are and that although we were all born in our sins, Jesus died for this very reason, so that he may wash them white as snow.

Have you helped someone walk into their God given destiny today? Simply sharing the good news of Christ or just being a living example is enough to get them onto the path.

Let’s do the higher calling and follow God’s will so that more of God’s creation, his people can truly become adopted into his fold and follow the destiny He has planned for them.

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6 thoughts on “He’ll wash your sins white as snow; weekend highlights and more”

    1. Amen! Sis you are truly right, we must put all of our trust in Christ Jesus and allow His love to fill us, then share that love with other people…. Shalom!

    1. Shade, thank you so much for your kind words; bless you so much and may the love of God be with you. Thank you again for your support and for sharing our blog with others. SHALOM!

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