Here’s a tough question: Are we gods?

Greek Group gods
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With Kanye labeling himself a god and people in high places considering themselves as gods- is it true that we are gods? What does Scripture actually mean when it say gods?

Alright. So two key scriptures comes to mind: Psalm 82:6 and John 10:34. Both passages refer to men being considered as gods:

I said ‘You are “gods” you are all sons of the Most High.”-Psalm 82:6 NIV

Here’s another one:

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?-John 10:34

Now after reading those passages, how do you feel? I will tell you how I felt. I began to have these feelings that made me think I was God or that I am somehow greater than another human and this is so not right. There has to be a reason why the Lord would say something like that, so I consulted two sources: The Holy Spirit and a web article.

Consulting the Holy Spirit

I thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit because without it, how  are we able to consult the things of the Lord? Concerning us being gods I dove deeper into Scripture and then realized…

I have not read entire passage.

In Psalm 82:6 it continues by saying the gods will die like mere men. But who is the Scripture referring to? In the beginning of Psalm 82 the passage speaks of God who presides over all and speaks on those who defend the unjust. On, it states:

The Hebrew word translated “gods” inPsalm 82:6 is Elohim. It usually refers to the one true God, but it does have other uses.Psalm 82:1says, “God presides in the great assembly; he gives judgment among the gods.” It is clear from the next three verses that the word “gods” refers to magistrates, judges, and other people who hold positions of authority and rule. Calling a human magistrate a “god” indicates three things: 1) he has authority over other human beings, 2) the power he wields as a civil authority is to be feared, and 3) he derives his power and authority from God Himself, who is pictured as judging the whole earth in verse 8.

Read more:

So these “gods” are like a metaphor. A simile of you will. There are people even now who may seem as if they are a god but they simply have more money, more health, more beauty- whatever, and they all die as mortals.

Consulting other sources

The only other resource I have consulted, is and they have even more abundant information, for instance:

  • Earthly judges must also impart truth among the people but still must be judged by God.
  • The serpent lied to Eve in the garden saying her eyes will be opened and she will be like God. But only her eyes were opened…she is not like God neither are we.
  • Moses was a representative of God and the Word said he was like God to Pharoah. But he was not a god or the God.

Shouldn’t we be content knowing we are made in His image and we are His children?

Trust me. If you want to call yourself a god with a little “g”- be my guest, but I have learned that gods don’t die.

So what are you?

I enjoy feedback or seeing posts shared among believers and unbelievers. Or we can discuss right here on this blog. God bless you! 🙂


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