Engage your spiritual pressures, connected in christ

Ichigo's Spiritual Power
Power of Ichigo from newanimationworld

This week we have been watching Box Set 6-8 of Bleach- one of our current anime favorites. In animes like this, each character is connected by “spiritual pressure”. This pressure behaves like a string that binds them together(and is a powerful force to reckon with) and lets them know when someone is off the path or when the enemy is around.

*Note: The actual term for spiritual pressure is “reiatsu”. For more about this, please see Bleach Wikia’s Reiatsu

For example, in episode #158, Chad, a human has achieved great power by training with Kisuke Urahara. While fighting an Arrancar in another room in hueco mundo, Renji feels Chad’s great pressure and says, “Chad? It feels like Chad but….”(Paraphrasing).  Rukia and Ichigo were able to feel each other’s pressures as well as the rest of their crew as they fought in this dark world.

Why bring this up?

Bleach is a supernatural anime so it features Soul Reapers(a.k.a. Death gods), evil spirits, and the common good versus evil conflict. But what’s really cool is how Ichigo and his friends are so connected to one another that they can detect when one has departed, or when their spiritual power is diminishing. They can locate someone based off their spiritual pressures!

How much more the Body of Christ.

If your brother or sister in Christ is hurting- you WILL know about it. As humans, we are born with perception and clairvoyance-some on a higher level than others but you should be able to tell what’s going on with your friends. And we should actually care.

The boulder standing in our way to being in tune with one another’s pressures is one thing: Selfishness. I get it. We are all so terribly busy. We have much on our plates. Too many problems of our own. I completely understand.

I also understand that Jesus wept over John the Baptist. I also understand how he can feed those in need and know they need the Bread of LIfe. I know as well that if we are the Body of Christ, when our eye hurts or our arm hurts, its pain can be felt in our bodies. We need those parts.

We are each others’ limbs.

So you see. Christians/People of the Way are supposed to be in tune with one another.  Ichigo and his friends have such a tight bond that when one “string” is plucked, they all feel it.

This is exactly what the Accuser hates. He hates unity. He hates bonds made between people because where there is a bond, there is power to overcome any obstacles.

We are connected through God  because of His Son’s blood.

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