What is There to Rejoice In? Some Thoughts…

Two thousand years have passed and we have evolved in our understand in technology, science, medicine, law, and even how we educate ourselves and each other. Scriptures and Technology

One thing hasn’t changed.

The fact that Jesus is coming back. 

During my biblical studies, I realized that the shortest verses in the bible, are also a key to what we as believers must do until Christ comes back. There are a few things we must do, but the verses are:

Rejoice always(1Thess. 5:16 KJV) and Pray without ceasing(v.17)

Want to know what I was reading? Try this neat little book about knowing your bible!

While reading, I also said to myself: What is there to continue to rejoice in? Oh the madness and selfishness of people! There is anxiety among us all over what we eat, wear, drink and where we will live. Didn’t Jesus tell us not to worry over such matters?(Matthew 6:25 NIV).

From here, things get extremely simple: If we aren’t worried about where our next meal will come from, or where we will live, etc., then comparing ourselves to others and having anxieties should be nonexistent.

But I live on planet earth. And I do like to eat food and having shelter is highly important to me. If others loved their neighbor as much as they loved themselves, we would have no need for anything.

Someone told me at the library last year that God’s people should show love to one another first and in this way, all will know whom we serve. Also we when are in God’s glory, there is no need, no sickness, no debt- nothing evil pervades that atmosphere. If I need food, shelter and clothing, I should be able to go to my brother or sister in Christ Jesus and it be supplied.

But we are self absorbed. I am guilty of it too. Everyday should be a day of repentance because it is so hard being of two minds. One of the world where we just usurp resources and move along our day and then the holy mind that screams: Be set apart! Be holy!

I am not sure where I wanted this post to go, but thought maybe there are others who feel the same way.

Until next week, everyone enjoy your turkey- and more importantly, rejoice always and pray without ceasing. Do something your carnal nature would really hate.

Have you done something for someone this week or today? Mind sharing it? Please post your thoughts here or share this post with the rest of your world-encourage each other! 🙂


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