One of Them is the Devil, But We Hear When He Roars…

DevilIf you have not watched the movie Devil, produced by the infamous M. Night Shyamalan, then be prepared for a word from God. The movie is mainstream but I highly recommend it. Out of all his other movies, this one stuck with me long after viewing it on Netflix- I was shocked, awed and…convicted.

The basic plot is about a detective called in for a possible suicide and while he is investigating, five people are trapped in an elevator- of the same building and get this-

One of them is the devil.

One of the characters in the movie says “When the devil has an appointment, all things go wrong.” The movie even begins with1 Peter 5:8 “Be self controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion.”(NIV)

And as my husband says, roaring means you can hear when he is coming around the corner. But the movie did not stop there. If you speak of the devil, you must speak about how God delivers our souls. In the movie, people had unforgiveness and bad pasts. The key word here is forgiveness. Without forgiveness of our trespasses as well as others, it violates the powerful prayer Jesus spoke to us. How can we call ourselves Christians, or Christ followers and we are not self controlled and are liars? I am speaking of my own self as well because none of us are good under this sun.


If you watch the movie, or even if you hadn’t- post your thoughts about forgiveness or how difficult it can be to forgive someone who is not so nice to you. Let’s keep it real 🙂

But really- let me know if you watch the movie. It is that important.

Hugs from Mission Possible


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