You Should Be Able to Pray With Confidence…

Jesus, the Great High Priest.

Higher than Moses.Praying to the Lord

The very essence of the creator-

Was nailed to the cross for all of us and he did this while we were still in our sins- before we ever existed. And he suffered many temptations we have now but he was found without sin.

And according to Hebrews 4. this is why we can approach the “throne of grace with confidence” when we have a need. But what does that mean? How can we be confident to approach the Lord with our problems?

If you back up a couple verses, the same chapter mentions we have a High Priest who can identify with our weaknesses.  How humbling and powerful is that?

We serve an awesome creator who made the divine choice to join us and experience our hunger, our pain, our emotional roller coasters as well as our uniquely designed strengths and so when we mess up, we know we can go to Him and make known our “broken and contrite spirits”, bare our souls to Him and will He forgive us.

Think about it: If your friend never been through what you’ve been through, how can you approach them with confidence that they will help you?

But God has suffered for us and he knows our  hearts. Just be honest when you speak to God in your prayer closet- be clear that you want to repent(change) and watch how good you will feel.

Hugs 🙂


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