People Are Biting Cold…

If you are a Virginian, then you know that the Polar Vortex has brought bitterly freezing temps our way. For example, right now I am hearing that there will be more snow and ice within the next week or so. And we all know God has it under His control, so that it can change(and has) at any time he pleases.Winter Scene

But what I’ve noticed more than anything, are the footprints left in the snow. I don’t think many of those prints were there because someone “wanted” to walk on a bitterly cool day- unless that select few were really daring, but there were walkers.

Not zombies, living people. The homeless who actually live in the elements we are protected from.  I am not sorry that these blog posts are always geared to the needy and the lost- this is what Mission Possible hope to be someday as the Lord continues to bless. A forum and a place for people to warm their souls, eat and have a place to stay; but it will take all of us to fight the cold…


A couple of days ago my husband and I were heading to work- this was  a few days after those bitterly cold, snowy days- and we were walking on a slightly wide road but the sidewalks were coated in slick ice. So we walked along the edge of the curb and before we knew what was happening, a van whizzed past us, very close to my husband’s side and splashed water on the both of our work uniforms.

In my fleshly mind I said, “This ignoramus saw us. They had to! It was a nice, clear day.”

But Spiritually, I knew what was going on: The person had somewhere to go really fast and people were just of no consequence to them. They were anxious for something where the bible clearly says “be anxious for nothing”(Philippians 4:6-7)

This is why the busy street we live on has had so many accidents. Loads of people are busy. They have work to do, money to get and families to homes to go to.


But I am not biting the cold. Jesus is the center of my life and His message from me to you is to SLOW DOWN. Be warmer, kinder to people. If someone needs help and you are available and able- why not? You would love for someone to do that for you.

And please. Please. Watch the curb. It could be me there walking again…

Or you.

Slow down.


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