What is the Hype With Being “The One?”

Neo Stops BulletsCrawl over to YouTube and you will find some people are tired of movies with “The One” or they make sarcastic remarks about it.

Think of Neo. Keanu Reeves is famous for this movie and other movies where he is chosen. But in The Matrix he was created, designed for a purpose-to save the world from wicked machines and there were evil people too he had to combat.

In Constantine, he was chosen as “The Sacrifice” and given another chance to take down demons.

Now we have Divergent coming to theaters March 21st. Another “The One” kind of movie? I don’t think so. For a full synopsis of the books and the movie go to Veronica Roth‘s website. There is more than just a” one and only” in the story. Everyone is chosen to do their part.

Which brings me to Jesus.

One man. Son of God. It did not take many. And he was cloaked in humility. In wisdom.

In love.

It takes not many to shake the world, but Jesus did have followers, disciples, people who loved Him. And he left us a precious gift…

The Holy Spirit was breathed on those around him and it lives in us if we will accept the Lord Jesus as the Son of God and as our Savior. Only one can live in our hearts. It only took one to make us understand and to boggle our minds all at once.

Too many “ones” would distort the favor of one gift.

How can one gift, in the form of a child, in the form of man make us weep, make us love and even cause strife?

But there are those of us who have this one umbilical cord connecting us to Father God. So we are all one.

So what is the fascination with one? The fascination is that one can have all the power- to show us.

Morpheus, Neo, and Trinity from The Matrix, represented the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit(The Holy Trinity) in my own religious opinion- with Morpheus being God, Trinity the Holy Spirit, and Neo the Son who was sent as sacrifice.

God is God all by Himself and sent himself as the sacrifice.

But all it takes is one to spark the idea and change the world….

These are just my random thoughts on oneness. What do you think about one-ness? 🙂


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